E-Sport Tuning Box

By Christian Fitzgerald

The E-Sport TB is our latest development. Equipped with a high-quality 48 MHz processor, a fibreglass reinforced casing and FCI-automotive-plugs, this is the quickest solution to a drive in drive out tuning solution.

Racingly fast performance supply

The intelligent high-end processor ARM Cortex III™ is a micro controller of the Cortex- series made by ARM and is enormously powerful. With its 48 MH
z-clocking, it’s the heart of our E-Sport TB. It needs very little space to provide its very high processing power. The processor only needs microseconds to react on slightest changes in performance.


Fuel saving with Eco-Tuning

Depending on your personal road behaviour, you can save fuel by installing the E-Sport TB. Up to 1 litre per 100 kilometres. And with an increase in performance at the same time. If fuel saving is your main requirement, please inform us when placing the order. We will consider this during the basic setting. 


Glass fibre reinforced Casing

Our heat resistant casing is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. It perfectly protects all electronic parts of the E-Sport TB even under adverse conditions. Due to its small dimensions, the E-Sport TB can be installed easily, quickly and without special tools.


FCI Automotive Plug

For highest safety and performance we have equipped the E-Sport TB with professional FCI-plugs. These plugs are standard in automotive business. They are plug connections of highest quality.

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F20 BMW M135i Performance Exhaust System

By Christian Fitzgerald

Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released details of its exceptional new performance exhaust system for the new BMW M135i. The latest F20 chassis car features BMW’s impressive twin scroll turbo engine and is the ideal recipient powerplant for Milltek’s class-leading extraction technology and craftsmanship. 

Many people have heralded the new 1-series as the spiritual successor to the original E30 series, in terms of its well-balanced RWD drivetrain and compact packaging. The new Milltek system picks up the baton from BMW’s engineers and endows the capable car with tangible gains in power, torque and sound quality! 

Initially, the system will be launched as a cat-back only set-up, with the additional option of a turbo-back system, complete with large bore downpipe and high-flow cat configurations. All terminate in a smart dual outlet, with options of polished or black GT-90 trims. There are two different cat-back systems on offer, Race, and EC-Approved. The Race option features minimal internals in the rear silencer for a sonorous exhaust note without droning – perfect for those who want to use their car on the road or on the race track. The EC-approved cat back system offers the perfect solution to those looking for insurance and warranty friendly tuning and still gives a richer and deeper tone to the sound. 

When designing the system, Milltek’s engineers took the unusual step of marginally reducing the OEM’s systems 80mm diameter down to 76mm. This was because the factory system is actually squashed in a number of places to allow clearance for underbody components, whereas the 76mm design can run unfettered from front to back, improving gas-speeds - and therefore performance – overall. 

As usual, Milltek has fabricated the entire system in its Ilkeston factory from the very highest 304 grade of non-magnetic stainless steel, ensuring a long and effective fitment. Sound quality is carefully tuned to give a powerful growl under heavy throttle loads, but factory-esque noise levels under cruising and town driving. The very best of both worlds!

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