Race Race down pipe BMW M135i F20 | M235i F22 | M2 F87 | 335i F30 | 435i F32 Agency Power

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Agency Power has available this Race racing down pipe for competition vehicles. This item is not available for sale in the USA and is for export only.

The BMW N55 turbocharged engine is just as amazing to tune and gain performance like its predecessor, the N54. With any turbocharged vehicle, get the turbos to breathe better before and after them is the key to achieving more power with additional tuning. One of the biggest corks in an exhaust system of a turbocharged car is the down pipe.

For emissions purposes, factory catalytic converters and Down pipes can be restrictive. For racing applications or those looking to maximize their performance, a Race race pipe with a larger diameter piping will allow the exhaust gases to flow freely. The new Agency Power Race Race down pipe for the N55BMW does just that. Its straight through design offers no restriction. It features CNC precision cut v-band flanges to work with the OEM components. With a Race race pipe, check engine lights can occur if you do not have proper tuning in place to change these limits. The down pipe in addition to a full exhaust system can sometimes yield 0.5-1.0psi of boost creep depending on the ambient temperature. Made in the USA, the all stainless steel pipe is hand TIG welded in a fixture for perfect fitment, every time.

  • BMW M135i F20 | F21 12-16
  • BMW M235i F22 14-16
  • BMW M2 F87 2016
  • BMW 335i F30 12-16
  • BMW 435i F32 | F33 14-16

This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles. Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver