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Agency Power has been making lightweight crank pulleys since its beginnings in 2004. With each vehicle we have built parts for, the pulley is always one product we go to first. It is a very easy way to improve throttle response and increase horsepower. Depending on the engine and vehicle, some pulleys can be dampened and some have serious mass to them. We have seen savings of up to 7 lbs of rotational weight in some aftermarket pulleys. The Porsche 996 and 997 Turbo or GT3 3.6L engine is no different when trying to extract more power and performance.

The factory 996 or 997 Turbo crank pulley is already pretty lightweight at only 1.9 lbs. The new CNC machined aluminum pulley by Agency Power weighs in at 0.55 lbs which saves you 1.35 lbs over stock. Typically rotational weight savings is 3 times the actual number saved. This will help give better throttle response because there is less mass spinning. But to further the performance, if you do the pulley as a underdrive unit, you can gain even more power in the mid and top end range. This aftermarket pulley is a CNC machined, lighter weight version of the OEM Porsche GT3 pulley. With the GT3 spinning revs over 1000 more rpm than the Turbo, these non harmonic balanced and lighter weight pulleys really take the extra power with more positive results.

As tested on our 2003 Porsche 996 Turbo with standard modifications and on a Mustang AWD dyno, our pulley made about 16 horsepower at redline. The pulley helped maintain strong gains as the revs increased from 4700 rpm and up. Torque was also improved but the biggest benefit was the throttle response and reduced turbo lag as the engine spins faster.

Each Agency Power Crank Pulley is Made in the USA out of 6061 billet aluminum. Processed on our CNC lathe and mill, the pulleys are then anodized black and laser engraved with the Agency Power text. Because this pulley is underdriven, it is supplied with a OEM Porsche belt, part number 996-102-151-93. The pulley kit is also supplied with a crank tool to make the removal of the factory pulley easy for the DIYers. This pulley fits all Porsche 3.6L 996 997 Turbo and GT3 cars from 2001-2009.