Carbon Fiber Add-on Paddle Shifters Porsche PDK Agency Power

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The Porsche PDK transmission is one of the smoothest and fastest shifting transmissions in the performance car world. Since its launch in 2009 on the 997.2 Carrera and the 987.2 Cayman/Boxster, the same PDK Sport Design steering wheel has been used through 2016. What makes the Sport Design 2 steering wheel the better option on these Porsche models is the driver interaction with the car. Having the ability to blast through the gears on the flappy paddle gearbox connects you to the pavement with split second shifts. As more and more cars loose the manual transmission in favor of a dual clutch setup like the PDK, drivers have to adapt to new driving methods. When you are shifting on the track or under pressure during straight line runs, grabbing gears with different hand positions can be difficult.
To enhance the driving experience, Agency Power has launched a complete line of Paddle Shifter Extensions for various vehicles. These particular paddle shifter extensions give you and your Porsche the ultimate in connection. The carbon fiber add-on shifters are designed to simply attach to the factory aluminum ones in seconds. They extend the top and bottom of the paddle shifter about 2 inches on either side. This allows for an improved ability to grab gears no matter where your hands are on the steering wheel. The shifters are designed to follow the curve of the steering wheel giving a seamless look as if they came from the factory. The carbon fiber weave with glossy clear coat finish is a perfect look for any interior. The paddle shifters are sold as a pair and attach with the supplied double sided tape. For those that want to enhance the look of their interior while improving the connectivity to their driving habits, the Agency Power Paddle Shifter extensions are the best choice!

  • Porsche 987.2 Boxster 09-12
  • Porsche 987.2 Cayman 09-13
  • 997.2 Carrera 09-11
  • 997.2 Turbo 10-13
  • 991 Carrera 12-15
  • 991 Turbo 14-16
  • 991 GT3/GT3RS 14-16
  • 958 Cayenne 11-16
  • 970 Panamera 10-16


  • Will only fit models that have the factory Porsche Sport Design 2 Steering Wheel.
  • Must have the [b]4 inch long paddles.[/b]
  • Not for the new 2016 shorter paddle design.