DynoRoad - The portable car dyno

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Performing a Car Dyno Test is no Longer a Problem

With DynoRoad the measurements are highly accurate and repeatable by simply entering the correct vehicle weight and the tire dimensions. In addition, this car dyno has an integrated weather module that will allow you to measure ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. DynoRoad allows you to consistently repeat results under similar conditions with a margin of error of less than 1%.

Accessory Kit

Together with the road dyno you will also receive an accessory kit for easy installation. There are no additional costs after purchase. DynoRoad can be used without any constraints.

Note, this car dyno is intended for track-use only, do not use on public streets or public spaces.


So Easy, So Fast, So Accurate

Getting started with DynoRoad is as easy as mounting the car dyno on the vehicle’s wheel, pressing the ON / OFF switch and connecting it to your mobile device.

Fasten your seat belts and start your engine: after activating your car dyno with a Magicmotorsport account, you’ll need to enter your car details to perform accurate measurements.


You can quickly and easily calibrate DynoRoad by maintaining 3000RPM for 5 seconds, while moving your vehicle at least 30 kmh in 4th gear. Additionally, you can change these settings to accommodate different vehicles by adjusting RPM level, gear choice and elapsed time to your desired values. Once the calibration is successful you're ready to roll!

Smart Mobile Application

DynoRoad’s application software user interface is simple and intuitive, designed for anyone that knows how to use a mobile phone. The app walks you through the initial set-up of the car dyno and gives you clear and understandable options to accurately measure the horsepower and torque of your vehicle but you can also analyze and compare the results of these measurements.

  • Measure vehicle power in a real-life scenario
  • Customize your reports to your needs
  • Analyze your measurements
  • Compare your modification results