Vargas Spline Lock" Crank Hub Solution - N55, S55

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Anyone with a modified N54, N55, or S55 knows the risks involved. Upping the performance of any engine can come with some inherent risk; if we add more boost but not fuel, detonation will occur (or worse). Furthermore, improper installation, maintenance or operation can turn a perfectly healthy engine into a paperweight. 

The worst failures, however, are the ones we don't plan for. When the engine simply can't handle the stresses its put under, or the design is such that it simply does not support extreme conditions. 

Enter the N55/S55 crank hub. 

Under certain conditions, it likes to spin, without warning and even when the engine is in perfect health. The engineers at Vargas saw and dealt with this problem time and again, and they saw fit to do something about it.

This hub uses a proprietary "Spline Lock" technology that uses high tolerance machined splines which press into the crank, and positively lock the hub to the crank. The splines are machined in such a way that rotational forces drive the hub, and splines deeper into the crank meaning when the hub encounters a situation that would normally slip a stock hub the splined hub is driven into the crank to keep it in place (much like a splined extractor).

Vargas spent many months testing, and retesting this design, utilizing well over 10 different samples to come to the final production version. During testing, the final hub managed to break the testing rig before slipping. These have been bench tested, and real-world tested on the VTT N54 race car spinning 8K RPM, and making well over 900WHP.


  • Installs the same as a stock hub
  • Does NOT require the crank to be drilled for pins
  • Manufactured from Harndered 17-4SS

This part fits the following BMWs:
2006+ N54 N55 S55

We suggest the Crank Hub System ONLY be installed by a qualified shop or technician. Timing tools are 100% REQUIRED if installed improperly engine damage may occur.

DISCLAIMER: VTT and Evolve Technik are not responsible for any engine damage caused by improper installation, or misuse of the crank hub solution. The product comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty from manufacturer defects.